LAVO Italian Restaurant is the latest hot spot from the creators of TAO Asian Bistro, TAO Nightclub & TAO Beach. Located at the Palazzo, LAVO has become Las Vegas' newest celebrity haunt that has already hosted a long list of star studded evenings.


"Latin for “to bathe or cleanse,” LAVO is an AvroKO-designed space that derives inspiration from the bathhouses of ancient Mediterranean culture with a menu that highlights the best of the region’s cuisine. If revelers and European travelers know of the famous Les Bains Douche in Paris, one of the longest running and hottest nightclubs in the world, then LAVO will be more modern, smarter, nicer and more interesting.

The journey from lounge to restaurant to nightclub begins with an entry into the lounge, surrounded by worn tile walls and water-stained plaster. The 20-foot ceilings of old wood and low chandeliers crown an area featuring a curved bar, leather seating and Moroccan tables. The owners went on major shopping trips, running hundreds of thousands of dollars through Morocco and the Mediterranean, and shipped all the restaurant and lounge furnishings to Vegas from overseas"

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